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Tsagaandelger, Dundgovi province, MONGOLIA

About Us

Demnel is an operational non-governmental organization based in Mongolia, founded in 2003. Demnel has been actively working since 2006.

The vision is to improve the quality of life in rural villages of Mongolia. Families often migrate to the capital city in search of better jobs and education. However, overpopulation in the city is causing health problems and making life increasingly difficult, especially for poorer families. Bringing the development gap between rural and urban areas will reduce migration levels, preserve the nomadic way of life and will benefit everyone.

The mission is to promote and support sustainable community development and improve the quality of education in rural Mongolia. This is done through income generating activities that enable the communities to become self-reliant and projects that focus on providing further education opportunities for children and teachers.

We have implemented various projects in line with our mission. So far over 80 teachers from 12 rural schools are enrolled in the current education project and benefitting over 3000 school children. We have created workplaces for low income family, and producing products from local raw materials. We have also printed and sold over 500 colouring books created by children's own drawing. See projects below for more information


Equal Educational Opportunity for Every Child

This project focuses on training teachers to improve the quality of education. Young teachers are given the chance to consult with highly experienced senior teachers on teaching methods. They place emphasis on getting the children to engage themselves in the classroom. Please visit our blog for more photos.

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Development Center

The Development Center that we renovated for the children in Tsagaandelger sum of Dundgovi aimag has now been expanded for wider use. Now we have a newly renovated boutique that sells handmade products made by women from rural villages in Mongolia. Please stop by our boutique on your way to a beautiful sightseeing of “Ikh Gazriin Chuluu” in Mongolia.

Creating Workplaces

We have created workplaces for the women in rural Mongolia by teaching them to utilise the abundance of local raw materials and providing them with felt processing machine. The outcome is a range of high quality natural felt and woolen products made from Mongolian sheep wool and yak cashmere. This much needed income helps them to support their family.

Coloring Books

We publish coloring books made by the talented students in rural schools to boost their creativity and direct their profits towards the production of more coloring books. This also gives them a sense of purpose in presenting their own artworks.

Demnel Online School

We have built an online school in which teachers and children can learn beyond the classroom. The online learning has become the most useful learning environment for the rural schools and the children in the remote villages of sparsely populated country like Mongolia.

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Promotion of Artistic Education in Schools, THIM

We cooperate with local teachers to sponsor additional lessons that open an opportunity for artistic expression to interested children. The students participate in the organization of an exhibition to sell some of their works for the continuation of their project.

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