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My brother and I were both born in Mongolia but moved at a young age and grew up abroad. As such, we were very lucky to have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and have a broad range of career prospects. We realize the importance of a good education and how much it can impact your future and so wish to extend this opportunity as much as we can.

Aid in Development has extended the training project for rural teachers in Mongolia, which is funded by the Action Five, to enroll children from remote villages in online schools. Online schooling has proven to be especially beneficial for Mongolia, where a very low population of people live in a vast rural land. However, most of the children lack the financial means to enroll in such courses and benefit from them.

Thus, upon learning about and getting involved in this organization, we have established the Oma Foundation to support children in remote villages and from low-income families in our home country, who are eager to learn and make the most of their situation. We hope to provide them with the necessary resources to grow and reach their goals. We also hope to encourage more people to join us and donate to the project's cause.

We dedicate this foundation to our beloved late grandmothers who loved us unconditionally, helped raise us and made it possible for us to live abroad and pursue our dreams. If you want to dedicate your contribution to your grandmothers by helping such children in need, please join us.

Tuvshinjargal and Munkhtur


email: info@demnel.org
phone: (976) 94998361